ODYSSEY BATTERY - When You Need Power!
Whether you are struggling with the waves on high seas or resting in a peaceful cove; toiling in pursuit of the big fish or being carried away following shoals...

Batteries are obviously the first equipment on board your boat you would not wish to experience problems with while struggling against challenging weather and sea conditions and pushing your limits. So, how much do you trust your battery?

With their brand new plate technology, the Odyssey batteries make sure that you are always prepared and safe on water.

The TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) Technology

Some batteries produce high starter currents, while others are durable. ODYSSEY BATTERY brings together these two technologies - and how?

Thanks to its composition consisting of lead of a purity of 99.99% unlike the traditional batteries having calcium components, Odyssey is much more resilient against heat and vibration. They thereby offer an estimated service life of 10 years in marine applications. Having much thinner plates compared to traditional batteries, they contain a greater number of plates compared to other batteries of the same volume, thus offering a larger active surface area. Also, thanks to their very low internal resistance, you can recharge your battery very quickly and intermittently, rendering it full in just 4-6 hours.

Your Odyssey battery provides you with

  • A very high and continuous starter current
  • Reserve capacity always ready for service
  • Quick (full in 4-6 hours) recharging capability
  • A very long useful life and uninterrupted service.

Other Advantages

Thanks to a service life of up to 10 years, you can save money, time and labour by using Odyssey batteries. With a 70% greater number of cycles compared to traditional batteries, you can achieve a stable battery voltage on your long voyages, without experiencing breakdowns or downtimes. Thanks to its long shelf life, you can use your battery which you will have recharged at the end of the season, until the following season without carrying out any maintenance on it or losing capacity. If you wish, you may store your spare battery for up to 2 years under favourable conditions. You may use your battery reliably under extreme temperatures such as -40C to +60C, obtaining a high performance. Thanks to its VRLA maintenance-free structure, you can use your batteries for many years without having to add water or carry out maintenance.

For more, http://www.odysseybattery.com/